Our Why

We meet people all the time who want to write a book but don’t know where to start. Most of them worry they aren’t “real” writers and fear the daunting process of publishing.

We’re a team of writers, content creators, editors and coaches who believe YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY and YOUR VOICE MATTERS. We’re not only here to answer your questions. It’s our mission to help you get your words down.

The Path
to Publishing
Looks like

The Path to Publishing
looks like this:


Book Idea Primer

Outline your book—what if I told you I could save months or even frustrating years of your life of writing in circles, feeling blocked, writing that doesn’t match your vision? When I meet people who are resistant to outlines, this is what I tell them.


Prepare to Publish

Go from book idea to book outline in 12 weeks with this online program for writers who are serious about a book project.​


A 3-month guided workbook that walks you through every step of creating, outlining and executing your book proposal document


12 weekly video lessons with bestselling author and expert writing coach Allison Fallon to support and encourage you along the way


Monthly (4) group coaching calls via Zoom to “workshop” projects and answer any questions you have


Access to a Facebook community where you are able to connect w/ other writers just like you who are working through this process, get support, encouragement, etc.


Book in a Day

This process is 3 months of guided support — but offers a focused, 8-hour work day with Allison Fallon halfway through your process so she can help you execute your outline. You’ll benefit from her 10+ years experience in the publishing industry as well as have the consistent accountability you need to get to the finish line.


A 3-month guided workbook that walks you through every step of creating, outlining and executing your book proposal document


One full 8-hour day of work with expert coach Allison Fallon in her home in Pasadena (9-5) to help you go from book idea to book outline. During this day, Allison will walk you through the pitfalls most new authors face and use the same framework she’s used to write dozens of bestselling books to shape your idea into one that will make a huge impact.


Open access to Allison for 6 weeks after your meeting via Voxer, to ask questions and get the support and guidance you need to get to the finish line


A one-hour personal follow-up call (via Zoom) with Allison to review your finished proposal and make any adjustments needed before pitching to agents and publishers (she can also open doors to agents where appropriate).

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Prepare to publish

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