Research shows writing, even privately in a journal, can work like therapy. It can improve your mood, curb anxiety, lift depression, bring clarity to big decisions and so much more.

Not just any writing will do. To get the benefits, you must follow a certain set of simple steps.

That’s what we’re here to teach you.

At Find Your Voice we have taken the best research available, along with decades of personal and professional experience, to curate a practice of writing just for you that is fun, helps you get out of ruts and make progress in your life. Start feeling like yourself again through a simple, daily practice of writing.

Monday Motivation

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Write Your Story, Change Your Life

A Simple Guide to Get Unstuck, Unlock Creative Power, and Find Your Voice

If you are ready to move beyond freewriting, this is for you. Reconnect to your authenticity, get your creative energy flowing again and start to see how your life story points toward your purpose with this easy to complete 5-part workbook. - Learn More


Find Your Voice Workshops

We can help you get out of your own way, clear your path and make progress toward your true purpose through a simple practice of writing.


7 Life Changing Writing Prompts

The simple prompts in this guide are divided into 7 categories to help you heal and make progress across all areas of your life.

Get motivated
Reduce anxious feelings
Get unstuck (in a relationship, at a job you hate, with a creative project)
Find forgiveness
Gain confidence and clarity
Improve your finances
Heal from heartbreak

All with a simple, daily practice of writing.

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