we believe that learning happens best when it’s hands-on. That’s why we offer plenty of in-person learning experiences.

Whether you’re looking to outline a book or simply connect with yourself, we have a writing workshop for you.

Your safety is important to us.

Live workshop Status update

We care about your well-being. Right now, that means canceling our Prepare to Publish Live workshops. We’re also waiting to learn more before making solid plans for our Unstuck workshop. We love working with you in person, and we’ll host you as soon as we can. In the meantime, our team is working hard to bring you digital options (check out our GrowWrite and Prepare to Publish Digital programs) as we all keep writing during these uncertain times.

Prepare to Publish Live

If you’re looking to write a book, but can’t seem to get it out on paper, this is the workshop for you. A two-day experience in Southern California, you’ll develop a clear outline for your book that has been proven to shave years off of your writing time. Not only that, you’ll enjoy writing and your final product will be something you’re really proud of. Limited to 25 people, you’ll receive personalized feedback and connect with other writers who find themselves in the same spot.

Southern California

Venues to be announced

June 12-13

October 16-17

Unstuck Workshop

Maybe you’re not looking to be a writer. But writing isn’t just for novels. Writing helps us listen to ourselves and discover what’s next. Whether you’re needing a “reset” on your work life or your love life, you’re feeling confused about what the future holds for you, or have a strong sense of where you’re going but feel “stuck” behind an invisible force, join us for this powerful, one-day, energizing experience.

Southern California

Time and place TBD

Tell us you're ready

"This experience was life changing for me. There is now a marker on my life. Pre-Nashville and post-Nashville. My heart is more free to love others well, but also more importantly, free to love me too! This sets the foundation for every love I experience in life. Allison is a true champion for our human hearts and our human condition..."
Serenity R.
"I always hoped I'd find a way to combine my passions of writing and inner healing, and your guidance helped me do that exactly. You pointed out that my true passion for writing is helping people overcome anxiety by telling honest stories so I built a site based on exactly that. And within a day of it being live, I've received several messages from people sharing about their personal struggles with anxiety . . . and I get to be the one to help them see how brave they truly are. Seriously, pinch me."
Mandi C.
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Los Angeles

Join us for this powerful experience and sign up below. You will be the first to hear about details and much more!

Unstuck Workshop

Join us for this powerful experience and sign up below. You will be the first to hear about details and much more