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Why I Started a Podcast

This week, Find Your Voice launches a podcast about writing.


It’s true.  I’ve joined the ranks of podcasters. 


There are already many, many great podcasts in the world (too many to count). Here is why Find Your Voice is starting a podcast . . . a podcast about writing for anyone who’s “not a writer.” 


Who is a “writer”?


In fourth grade, I had a teacher, Mrs. Gillespie, who, at the end of year, gave me a composition notebook. In it, she wrote, “Allison, keep writing. You have a gift.”


That was the moment that I first started to dream about writing. And you can bet that I filled that composition book, all the way to the last page, that summer. 


I am so grateful to Mrs. Gillespie. She planted a seed. And so many authors we work with have stories like this: a mentor early on in their life named their gifts with words.


Here’s the problem with these stories. From an early age, we’re taught that some of us are “writers” and some of us are not. Alongside memories of inspiring teachers giving notebooks, I hear, at least as often if not more often, stories of people being discouraged from writing. A man recently told me that, as a child, his mother made fun of his journaling practice, reading his private writing out loud in front of his friends. He has never written since. 


And get this: even those designated as “writers” from an early age resist the title “writer.”


I can’t tell you how many published, successful authors we work with who confess to us, “I’m not a real writer.” (And if THEY’RE not writers, who IS?)


I’ve felt this same way. I’ve been writing ever since grade school, but even when I quit my job to write my first book, I didn’t like calling myself “a writer.” It felt presumptuous. I didn’t feel worthy of the title. 


After working with thousands of writers, I have a new perspective. 


“Writer” is not a title we earn. Writing is a human instinct. 


And we write (on a regular basis) more than we think! Imagine if we stopped sending emails, texts, or commenting on social media for even one day. It’d be difficult! Even for 24 hours, keeping ourselves from writing would drastically change our lives. 


Our text messages aren’t The Great Gatsby. But it’s writing! And more expressive than perhaps we first think. 


To articulate our deepest thoughts and feelings is something we’ve been doing ever since the invention of language. To ourselves, to one person, or to the world, it doesn’t matter—writing words down helps us make sense of our lives and of our place in relation to others and to the universe.  


For a million reasons (our culture, education, confidence, personality) almost no one identifies as “a writer.” And yet it is in our nature to write. It’s part of who we are as humans. That’s why we’re starting this podcast—a podcast about writing for people who “aren’t writers.”


We can change the world through a regular writing practice.


I truly believe that if more people made a regular practice of writing, our world would change for the better. I’ve watched the power of a regular practice of writing in my own life: writing helped me grow my strength, overcome heartbreak, and find love (read about it in my book). For me, writing provided spiritual direction, free therapy and a new connection to my own power. 


And I’ve seen this in others, too! Over and over again, I watch our clients start writing a book, come to a portion where they feel stuck, and literally write a new ending for themselves. They write a new relationship end, a new career, or a deeper spiritual path. They write stories of confidence, victory, and compassion.  


Imagine if 100,000 people committed to a regular practice of writing. How would that change our world? It’s why we started sending out free writing prompts every Monday (sign up here), and it’s why we’re bringing you this podcast


Because words have the power to create positive change, and you have words worth writing. Let’s find them.


Check out our first episodes. Subscribe, rate our show, leave an honest review, and share with someone you know. It’d mean the world to us. 


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