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Who Gets to Be A Writer? The Power of Writing it Down Part 4

Who gets to be a writer? It’s a question so many people ask themselves. 

On today’s episode, I chat with some voices you’ll recognize, including Science Mike and therapist Elyse Snipes as well as a new voice: Rafik Wahbi, whose program with hip hop writing helped men in jail feel a sense of empowerment over their own stories. We talk about the voices we’ve silenced and the importance of diversifying the content we consume. 

If you have ever felt like your story isn’t represented in books and articles—or maybe you’ve worried that your story isn’t all that different or interesting, you’re not going to want to miss this episode. 

We need you. Your voice matters. Today’s guests will remind you why.

This is the fourth episode of a special series that’s all about the power of a writing process to create positive change in your personal life. We’re covering topics like why writing can be so challenging, what’s happening in your brain when you write, why writing is therapeutic, what it costs us when voices are silenced, and what a regular practice of writing looks like in real life.

The best part? This conversation doesn’t end here, on the podcast. Order Allison Fallon’s latest book, The Power of Writing It Downfor more on how a regular practice of writing can change your life. 

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