One-On-One Support to Help You Write Your Story and Publish It

Our personal writing coaches will help you refine your book outline, navigate the publishing process, and finally get your book in people’s hands.

Bring Your Book to Life

Whether you want to write a cookbook that tells your story through food, a memoir that celebrates your personal transformation, or something in between –– our coaches can help.

Coaching to Keep You on Track

After your first kick-off call, you’ll have open access to your coach for 3 whole months. This includes a full-day workshop and a wrap-up session to review your finished product.

Resources to Hone Your Writing

You’ll also have access to our resource library, weekly video tutorials, a workbook with writing exercises, and we’ll send you a Writer’s Resource Kit.

A Publishing Plan of Action

Working with our expert writing coaches will give you the structure you need to turn your story into an incredible book that you can share with the world.

Your Passion Project Is Worth Pursuing

$5000 $7000

You save $2000

Practical tools to turn your dream into a reality.

The full cost of working with one of our VIP coaches is $5,000. You and your story are worth this investment.

Our VIP coaching plan gives you everything you need to publish your book:

Only You Can Write Your Story

But you don’t have to do it alone.

Our coaches are trained to focus on capturing your unique idea and giving you the confidence to tell your story in your own voice. Using our proven outline process, you can shave months or years off your writing time. In fact, one author we coached wrote her book in 10 days –– and still managed to get some sleep.

Don’t sleep on your own success or convince yourself you can’t do this. You can create something incredibly fulfilling –– and the journey can be so rewarding.

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How Our Coaching Program Works

Over the course of three months, your coach will work with you virtually to strengthen your story and complete your book.


Your coach will get to know you and your book goals. You’ll also receive access to course materials, assignments, and our resources library.


In a virtual workshop, your coach will spend a full day helping you create a book outline that organizes your ideas and cuts your writing time in half.


At the end of your three-month sprint with your coach, you’ll have made real progress on your book and will be on your way to getting it published.

What Do the 3 Months of Coaching Look Like?

  1. Phase 1

  2. Phase 2

  3. Phase 3

Phase 1: The Pre-Work

  1. Phase 1

  2. Phase 2

  3. Phase 3

Phase 2: The Virtual Outline Day

  1. Phase 1

  2. Phase 2

  3. Phase 3

Phase 3: A Finished Publishing Map (Your Golden Ticket)


Over the course of three months, your coach will work with you virtually to strengthen your story and complete your book.

It’s normal to feel nervous or daunted at the idea of writing thousands of words. That doesn’t mean you’re not ready. If you don’t fully know what your book is about, it might be better to begin with our Book Idea Primer. This can help you choose between multiple book ideas, dream up a new book idea, or narrow in on what your idea is really about. But if you know what book you’re working on and just can’t seem to make progress, we are here to help.
You can email, text, or send voice memos to your personal VIP coach from time time of your intro call through your wrap-up call—which is approximately 90 days.
The book outlining day is the heart of our VIP program. During this individualized, full-day experience, your personal coach will lead you from book idea to book outline. With four 90-minute sessions, you’ll leave with the confidence of knowing what’s in every chapter which can shave years off of your writing time.
We’ll send you a guided workbook ahead of time, and give you access to video tutorials to walk you through every step of creating, outlining and executing your book. During your intro call, your coach will assign you prep work to get you ready for your book outlining day.
A publishing map is your guide to executing your manuscript and getting your book out into the world. It includes your chapter titles and summaries, back cover copy, premise, author bio, as well as a marketing plan, reader description and sample chapters. This book map can function as a book proposal document –– which will be your key to securing a book contract (the traditional publishing path) if you choose to go that route. No matter what, it’s a plan to get your book written, published and in the hands of your readers.
At your wrap-up call, we’ll give you feedback on your book map and talk through your publishing options. If you decide to try traditional publishing, you’ll need an agent. You can contact our list of preferred agents and send us a final version of your book map to see if we can make any other connections. If you want to self publish, you don’t need an agent. Your next step will be to follow your book map to write the remaining chapters of your book.
It’s nearly impossible to write a book without a plan. At the end of the three month program, you’ll have your plan in place and your manuscript started, with at least two chapters written. Why don’t we have you write more? A common misconception about the publishing industry is that publishers want to see a finished manuscript. Unless you’re writing fiction, what you need is a book proposal document (our “publishing map”)—not a finished manuscript.
The “prepare to publish” part of our program is helping you create what agents really want: a book proposal document. You also need a plan. You’ll leave the program with a path forward and everything in place for you to finish your book in a matter of weeks.

We designed the two months after your book outlining day for you to complete your publishing map. You have access to your coach and receive week-by-week video guides and instructions to get you to the finish line. In a wrap-up call, your coach will assess your publishing map and give you the feedback you need to take your next publishing steps.

The Reviews Are In

Working with a Prepare to Publish coach really works.

  • Tim Arnold

    President at "Leaders for Leaders" & Author of "Power of Healthy Tension"

Before I started working with Find Your Voice, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to say in my book, but because of this process, I can now say it succinctly. That’s the work: what authors do is take something they know a lot about and distill it into something repeatable for other people, and Find Your Voice has helped me do that. If you would have asked me, ‘Tim what’s your book about?’ two months ago, I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’d have to tell you a really long story about it, and, now, I can tell you in one sentence. My literary agent saw my proposal and said, ‘This is the kind of thing I was telling you that you needed to do, this is the journey you needed to be on.' I had said from the beginning that I really wanted to enjoy this process and not hate it, and I knew that if I were trying this on my own it was going to drag on. Since working with Find Your Voice, I’ve been able to be present at home, I’ve been able to be focused at work, and I’ve also been able to make progress on my book. I’ve enjoyed the process, and it actually makes me think, ‘It is totally possible to write a book!
  • Tim Schurrer

    COO of StoryBrand

Working with Find Your Voice was a game-changer in my journey. No writer can do this work alone, and these are the best people you could EVER have in your corner. FYV guided me from a scientist who hadn't written a word to a complete industry-level book proposal. My time with FYV didn't just change my writing life, it changed me as a human being for the better.
  • Melody Miles

    Former Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation staffer, and Founder of Soulcation

Before working with Ally, I was stuck. I felt I had non-fiction book in me, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Plus, that little voice of doubt said, "Are you good enough to write a book? Will anyone want to read it?" Ally's step-by-step coaching helped me structure the book and gave me a booster shot of confidence. I soon had a book deal with a major publisher, and I'm now a published author. Thank you, Ally!
  • Connell Barrett

    Dating coach, Author of “Dating Sucks but You Don’t”

When I saw Prepare to Publish, I knew it was for me. I had a solid book idea, but needed guidance and grounding to get it somewhere solid and readable. I knew of Ally's work and trusted her. I looked at the course price as an investment into my ministry -- something I needed to ensure the message I had to share in my book was well-formed, targeted and organized. The course provided everything I needed -- plenty of time, direction and specific exercises to help me cultivate and refine my message and target reader. I made a point of staying on track with our weekly exercises and committed to never missing a group call. I knew I had to commit to the program seriously so that's what I did. At the end of the program, I had a full, solid outline, two full chapters and was well on my way to completing my book. Ally's guidance was spot on and within 6 months, I had written the majority of my book. I managed to secure a book agent, send my first draft to a group of beta readers and am currently in talks with a publishing house. I don't know where the book will go from here, but I am confident in where it stands and excited to get it out into the world. I couldn't have done this without "Prepare to Publish.”
  • Ericka Anderson

    Author of "Leaving Cloud 9"

Find Your Voice helped me, a first time Author, finally get down the story I’ve been waiting to write for so long. TheIr insight and guidance was instrumental in pulling out the thoughts and ideas that were buried within but waiting to surface to the page. My book proposal has been the beginning of getting to the truth of my story. My experience with the FYV team created a transformation in my writing and a brought wholeness to my soul.
  • Paula Lee McBride

Work With Real Writers

All our coaches have years of writing experience and can help you avoid publishing pitfalls. They also happen to be super fun to work with.

Annie Kyle

Annie Kyle

Director of Book Development at Find Your Voice and head of the coaching program, Annie Kyle is no stranger to the Prepare to Publish process. She came from HarperCollins Publishers where her role was sifting through Book Proposal Documents so she has a unique eye for seeing what make a book work. Over her career, she’s helped hundreds of authors find the right path for their outline so they can finally get their book written. Her favorite part of helping Prepare to Publish authors is watching an idea become a story. She lives in sunny Pasadena, California.

Ashley Abercrombie

Ashley Abercrombie

Ashley Abercrombie is the author of Rise of the Truth Teller and Love is the Resistance. She speaks at conferences and events and is the co-host of the helpful and hilarious Why Tho Podcast. Ashley loves to help writers and authors develop their voice, strengthen their work and take the next step on their publishing journey. She’s helped write eleven books, loads of book proposals and many of her authors secured book deals with W Publishing, B&H, Nelson Books and more.

Ariel Curry

Ariel Curry

Ariel Curry is an editor and writing coach with 10 years of experience at publishing houses, and 7 years of experience acquiring nonfiction books. As an editor, she enjoys brainstorming and outlining new book ideas, bringing clarity and purpose to prose, and helping authors find resilience in their writing journey. When she’s not working on books, you can find Ariel running, doing yoga, or reading with a glass of wine. She lives in Chattanooga, TN, with her husband and their rescue dogs, Enyo and Tenaya.

Mahla Hoffbeck

Mahla Hoffbeck

Writer, Certified Prepare to Publish Coach, and Certified StoryBrand Guide, Mahla has not only played a role in dozens of book projects at Find Your Voice but has also been shaping words for a decade. Mahla’s favorite part about working with Prepare to Publish authors is helping them find clarity where things used to feel fuzzy because all of a sudden, their book becomes real. She’s also in the process of writing her own book. Mahla lives in beautiful Oceanside, California with her husband, Lane, and son, West.

Michele Kelly

Michele Kelly

Michele is co-founder of K+L Storytellers, a brand story and content agency for companies who want to change the world by through their story. Given a yellow, No. 2 Ticonderoga pencil, Michele is lethal. She writes 10,000+ words monthly for clients with the urgency of Wonder Woman saving the world by way of context. Michele is a contributing author to three books, a 4x published ghostwriter, and developmental editor of more than forty books. Her anthology of fictional short stories entitled 9 Candles is in progress. The computer science grad from Florida Tech shares her heart and writing studio with husband and co-founder Roderick Kelly, plus three children and a pug named Sweet Pea who is often heard snoring on Zoom meetings.

Sara Shelton

Sara is a writer and editor who specializes in developing, creating, and refining written content for clients. Her speciality is book development and editing, where she helps writers from all experience levels, backgrounds, and places outline, write, edit, and develop their stories for print. She’s passionate about helping people discover the story they have inside of them and take the steps to share it with the world. With more than a decade in the publishing industry, it’s been her privilege to develop and edit books for more than 40 writers so far, and she looks forward to helping many more do the same in the future. Sara loves partnering with authors like you (yes, you are an author!) to craft, develop, and make sure you’re sharing the message you have in mind with your audience.

Chelsea Slade

Chelsea Slade

Chelsea is a Pacific Northwest-based writer and editor with over ten year’s experience helping authors write, edit, and fine-tune their books for publication. She’s ghostwritten two memoirs and one children’s book, but her main emphasis has been on guiding writers from first to final draft. After receiving a BA in Creative Writing, Chelsea spent much of her early career working for a faith-based non-profit, helping the budding organization articulate its mission and purpose to the world. It was there she was handed her first non-fiction manuscript and asked to “make it flow” without losing the author’s voice. She quickly fell in love with the editing process and has since worked with countless authors to help them tell their stories clearly and authentically (and with top-notch grammar).

ben skoda

Ben Skoda

Ben Skoda is at his best when he’s helping others thoughtfully capture their journey and craft their next steps. He’s created content for national marketing campaigns, written and edited material for the nonprofit, education, hospitality, and travel industries, and edited memoirs for various publishing platforms. Ben’s experience in human resources, higher education, places of worship, and entrepreneurship offers a unique perspective for storytelling focused on empathy and progress. His consulting practice Life in This Future provides thoughtful one-on-one support for each client he serves.

Finishing Your Book Is Just the Beginning

To get started, we need some information about you and your project. To begin, you will pay a $500 deposit, gain access immediately to the digital tools, and within a few days will receive a follow up with the rest of your journey information from one of our helpful Find Your Voice Staff members.


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