Ready to finally finish the book you’ve always wanted to write?

Hire your one-on-one virtual book coach and let an expert help you finally finish your book.

Prepare to Publish VIP is A virtual Coaching program to help you finish your book From the Comfort of your home office.

Meet Your coach

You’ll be assigned an expert Prepare to Publish book-mapping coach to walk you through your publishing process from start to finish.

Create Your Outline

Spend an entire day (virtually) with your coach to create a solid outline unique to your book so you can feel confident to move forward with writing.

Finally finish the book!

No more wondering if this book will ever get written. Finally get the guidance you need to finish and publish.

What's included

“Anyone who wants to write a book,
I send them to Ally and Find Your Voice”

- Donald Miller, 5 times NYT Bestselling author

Why hire a coach?

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Hear Lauren share about the clarity she gained in the FYV process

Hear Melody Miles talk about how her message shifted as she prepared to publish

Here’s how the program works.


Intro Call

In your intro call, your coach give you access to your course materials, assignments, resources library and action steps unique to your goals and your book idea.


Virtual Book Outline

You and your coach spend a full day together (virtually) creating a book outline that cuts your writing time in half—or even less!


Publishing Map

You’ll leave with a publishing map unique to your book so you never wonder what to do next.

First, you’re going to be assigned a dedicated and experienced VIP coach to walk you through our coursework. We’ve found this one-on-one coaching gives authors the confidence they need to make progress quickly and effectively with their work and finally finish the book they’ve been struggling to write. Second, you’ll receive twelve weeks of digital material—including a workbook, weekly teaching videos, emails and accountability reminders—that will answer the most common questions that keep authors stuck and that give you a clear path for what to include in your book, what to leave out, where to begin your message, and where to end.

I believe your message matters. If you’re like I was when I first started, and you doubt whether it will be worth the time or the effort, I’m here to remind you that what you have to say matters and that the path to publishing can be simple if you have someone to walk you through it.

Don’t waste another day wondering if you’ll ever write your book. Hire your expert coach today and finally finish the book you’ve always wanted to write.

"FYV guided me from a scientist who hadn't written a word to a complete industry-level book proposal. My time with FYV didn't just change my writing life, it changed me as a human being for the better."

-Melody Miles, formerly of the Bill + Melinda Gates Foundation

melody miles

Why Prepare to Publish VIP?

At Find Your Voice, we believe one-on-one coaching is the fastest, most efficient way to help a writer get a book into the world — even those who swear they aren't "real" writers. That's why we've used our proven outline process to help thousands of reluctant writers to get their books written and published in record time. But why choose us over some other writing program?

Our coaches are trained to focus on capturing your unique idea in your unique voice.

Our outline process shaves months or years off of your writing time (one author wrote her book in 10 days).

We help you create more than a splash in the marketplace — but a small piece of your legacy.

What do I receive?



Don’t keep wondering if you’ll ever finish the book you know you need to write. Hire a coach who can make sure you do.

Not ready to hire a one-on-one coach just yet?

That’s okay. Start small with Prepare to Publish “Intro” and get our proven digital coursework, without live coaching. Begin the process of outlining your book. When you’re ready to hire a coach, apply your payment to the VIP program.


Dates are first come, first serve

  • *Coach-client pairing is based on scheduling availability. We cannot guarantee placement with a specific coach.
  • $0.00


Ally Fallon

Bestselling author and founder of Find Your Voice, Allison has had her hands in thousands of book projects in the past 10 years. She’s written 13 books and helped hundreds of authors outline, draft, edit and publish their work. From New York Times Bestselling authors to total beginners who swear they aren’t “real” writers, Allison loves helping clients turn a dream of a book into a finished product. She lives with her husband, tiny dog Shiloh, and baby girl on the way in Pasadena, California. 

Annie Kyle

Creative Director at Find Your Voice and head of the coaching program, Annie Kyle is no stranger to the Prepare to Publish process. She came from HarperCollins Publishers where her role was sifting through Book Proposal Documents so she has a unique eye for seeing what make a book work. Over her career, she’s helped hundreds of authors find the right path for their outline so they can finally get their book written. Her favorite part of helping Prepare to Publish authors is watching an idea become a story. She lives in sunny Pasadena, California.

Mahla Hoffbeck

Community Coordinator for the Prepare to Publish (P2P) Program, Certified P2P Coach, and Certified StoryBrand Guide, Mahla has not only played a role in dozens of book projects at Find Your Voice but has also been shaping words for a decade. She’s also in the process of writing her own book. Mahla’s favorite part about working with Prepare to Publish authors is helping them find clarity where things used to feel fuzzy. Because then all of a sudden, the book becomes real. Mahla lives in beautiful Oceanside, California with her husband, Lane, and baby boy, West.


As a general rule, if you are nervous to start, that’s normal — you’re ready. If you don’t fully know what your book is about, perfect. We can help. If you’ve been tooling at this for years and haven’t made progress, yes. Now it’s time.

You have open access (email, text, voice memos) to your personal VIP coach from your intro call through your wrap up call—which is approximately 90 days.

The book outlining day is the heart of our VIP program. An individualized, full-day experience, your personal coach will lead you from book idea to book outline in a single day. With four 90-minute sessions, you’ll leave with the confidence of knowing what’s in every chapter which can shave years off of your writing time.

We’ll send you a guided workbook and give you access to video tutorials to walk you through every step of creating, outlining and executing your book. During your intro call, your coach will assign you prep work to get you ready for your book outlining day. 

We designed the two months after your book outlining day for you to complete your publishing map. You have access to your coach and receive week-by-week video guides and instructions to get you to the finish line. As a wrap-up call, your coach will assess your publishing map and get you the feedback you need to take your next publishing steps.

A publishing map is your guide to executing your manuscript and getting your book out into the world. It includes your chapter titles and summaries, back cover copy, premise, author bio, as well as a marketing plan, reader description and sample chapters.


This book map can function as a book proposal document—which will be your key to securing a book contract (the traditional publishing path) if you choose to go that route. No matter what, it’s a plan to get your book written, published and in the hands of your readers.

At your wrap up call, we’ll give you feedback on your book map and talk through publishing options. 


If you decide to try traditional publishing, you’ll need an agent. You can contact our list of preferred agents and send us a final version of your book map to see if we can make any other connections. If you want to self publish, you don’t need an agent. Your next step will be to follow your book map to write the remaining chapters of your book.

We believe you will never finish your book without a plan (we’ve seen way too many great writers fail unnecessarily). By helping you create a solid outline and a comprehensive book map, we’re giving you the tools you need to actually sit down and write your book in a matter of weeks. 


At the end of the three month program, you’ll have your plan in place and your manuscript started, with at least two chapters written. Why don’t we have you write more? A common misconception about the publishing industry is that publishers want to see a finished manuscript. Unless you’re writing fiction, what you need is a book proposal document (our “publishing map”)—not a finished manuscript. 


In order to “prepare to publish” you need what agents want: a book proposal document. You also need a plan. You’ll leave the program with a path forward, a vision for your book, and the ability to write it all down, when the time comes, in a matter of weeks.

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