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Seven Books Every Writer Should Own

What books should I read as a writer?

As writers, we owe a lot to other writers: they are the people who inspired us in the first place, and they are the ones who keep us writing. Author and writing coach Allison Fallon shares seven books she returns to when she’s stuck, needs perspective, or is looking for encouragement.

If you’re a writer (or want to be), your bookshelf might need these:

1. Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden LettersJohn Steinbeck writing about his writing to his agent and editor.

2. The Artist’s WayJulia Cameron teaches a regular habit of writing to unlock creativity. (Also author of A Right to Write)

3. The War of Art. Steven Pressfield addresses resistance in the creative life.

4. Save the Cat. Blake Snyder writes about story structure.

5. Stein on Writing. Sol Stein answers your questions on writing technique.

6. Bird by Bird. Anne Lamott’s classic on writing and life.

7. If You Want to Write. Brenda Ueland on how everyone has an interesting perspective worth writing down.

Bonus Book: The Power of Writing It Down. Allison Fallon on writing for personal growth.

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