Are you ready to finally finish that book you’ve always wanted to write?

Too many hopeful authors dream of writing their book one day but spend years or even decades floundering. They have a great idea and great intentions, but they don’t have the clarity they need to get out of their own way and get the idea down

That’s why we created the Prepare to Publish online course

Why Prepare to Publish online?

You’ll be able to take all of those ideas floating around in your head and organize them into a book outline and finally finish the book you’ve always wanted to write.

Here’s how it works:

Learn your options

Publishing is complicated. We’ll help you understand what choices you have so you can feel empowered to share your book with the world in your own way, and your own time.

Write an outline

We call it a book map, that you will use to shorten your writing time, enjoy the writing process and create a book you can be proud to call your own.

Make a plan

Whether your next steps are writing the book, pitching the book to a traditional publisher, or creating your own self-publishing timeline, Prepare to Publish Online is your one stop shop for making a plan.

We help you finish the book you’ve always wanted to write...

Do you have notes and ideas all over the place, but aren’t sure how to organize it all?

Have you tried to start several times but keep getting stuck?

Do you need structure for your writing but flexibility to fit it in your busy life?

Does writing a book feel like an impossibly big task?

Whether you’re planning to self-publish or traditionally publish, don’t defer your dream of writing a book

Finally finish that book you’ve always wanted to write with the Prepare to Publish Online course

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“This course gave my dream a PLAN. Ally is a master at breaking down the seemingly insurmountable task of writing a book into smaller, actionable goals. Her expertise in the process is surpassed only by her kindness. And let me tell you, in those dark moments of self-doubt and criticism as you wrestle with the enormity of your dream, those kind words are a godsend.”

— Sherri McCarthy

With access to the Prepare to Publish self-guided online course, you get…


“The Prepare to Publish course was truly a transformative experience. It not only helped me with the building blocks of developing a book, but it also instilled ease and confidence in my own capability as an aspiring author. Thank you so much Find Your Voice!”

-Joe Santini

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