Ruthie Lindsey on Writing and Chronic Pain: The Power of Writing it Down Part 6

In this final episode of our special podcast series called The Power of Writing it Down, I talk with my friend and someone you probably have heard about — her name is Ruthie Lindsey. This episode is the perfect capstone to what we’ve been talking about…

  • Why writing is so hard but powerful
  • How writing can act like therapy and reframe our experiences — even traumatic ones
  • How writing has a tangible impact on our lives — and can make us feel more empowered
  • Who gets to be a writer and how they actually get writing done 

Ruthie puts all these pieces together as she shares her incredible and powerful personal story of using writing as a tool to heal from chronic pain (check out her book about her story here). She also shares a simple writing practice that you can use right away to put this tool to work for you in your personal life.

The best part? This conversation doesn’t end here, on the podcast. Order Allison Fallon’s latest book, The Power of Writing It Down, for more on how a regular practice of writing can change your life. 



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