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Maybe the idea of writing your book alone sounds daunting

Or maybe you know yourself; and you tend to work better when you have accountability, support and deadlines

If that’s you, you could benefit from hiring a publishing coach

Maybe the idea of writing your book alone sounds daunting

Or maybe you know yourself; and you tend to work better when you have accountability, support and deadlines

If that’s you, you could benefit from hiring a publishing coach

Hi, My name is Allison Fallon. I’m the founder of Find Your Voice, an award-winning author, and an expert publishing coach

When I started my writing career over a decade ago now, I had no idea what I was doing, no experience in publishing, and no one to guide me along the way. I swore to myself that if I was ever able to publish my book, I’d find a way to turn around and help others.

13 books (and counting) later, here I am.

What I wish I knew back then is how important it is to start the writing process with a strong outline. I was so anxious to get started writing my book, I figured I’d skip the outline and save myself some time.

Unfortunately, that approach backfired.

Instead of saving me time, skipping the outline ended up costing me years of time

Not only that but the finished product was not what I had hoped. It sold okay in the marketplace but it wasn’t what I knew I could create.

Over the years, I’ve worked with writers from total beginners to New York Times bestselling authors. I’ve learned that most of us are tempted to do the same thing I did back then: skip the outline. I’ve also learned that no matter who you are, skipping the outline is a bad decision that will cost you years of time, not to mention the enjoyment of writing a book that you know lives up to your vision. 

That’s why, these days I focus all of my coaching on helping authors write strong book outlines. Once you’ve done that, anything is possible.

What publishing coaching looks like:

90 days of focused one-on-one coaching includes:

An intro call (45 min)

to kick off your 90 days. This call is designed to get to know you a bit, familiarize you with the materials and give you a sense of direction with your assignments.

A step-by-step workbook (6 weeks)

with exercises and prompts that will guide you through the process of unpacking your book. You’ll be shocked to find you have more to say than you think!

A series of short videos (3-5 min each)

that answer common questions and guide you toward organizing your thoughts into a cohesive outline.

A full day with your coach (8 hours)

to turn your book idea into a robust outline. No more guessing or wondering. I’m here to guide you.

An aftercare plan (delivered after your outline day)

a personalized plan your coach writes for you with specific action steps you can take to reach your publishing goals.

Open access to your coach (6 weeks)

to help you put together your book proposal document, find an agent, create a writing schedule or whatever else you need to reach your publishing goals.

Your passion project is worth pursuing - hire a publishing coach


Practical tools to turn your dream into a reality.

The full cost of working with one of our VIP coaches is $10,000. You and your story are worth this investment.

Our VIP coaching plan gives you everything you need to publish your book:

Throughout this process, Ally’s guidance has been invaluable. I am particularly grateful for the way she has broken down an overwhelming project into clear and manageable steps- something that has been incredibly difficult to figure out on my own (and until now, left me at a standstill). As a PhD candidate whose practice relies heavily on writing, we are not taught how  to write or engage in a regular practice; Ally’s course has begun to fill in this gap for me, providing tangible and realistic writing tips to implement, a structure to work from, and a like-minded community. Thank you, Ally!”

— Alison Coombs


Over the course of three months, your coach will work with you virtually to strengthen your story and complete your book.

It’s normal to feel nervous or daunted at the idea of writing thousands of words. That doesn’t mean you’re not ready. If you don’t fully know what your book is about, it might be better to begin with our Book Idea Primer. This can help you choose between multiple book ideas, dream up a new book idea, or narrow in on what your idea is really about. But if you know what book you’re working on and just can’t seem to make progress, we are here to help.
You can email, text, or send voice memos to your personal VIP coach from time time of your intro call through your wrap-up call—which is approximately 90 days.
The book outlining day is the heart of our VIP program. During this individualized, full-day experience, your personal coach will lead you from book idea to book outline. With four 90-minute sessions, you’ll leave with the confidence of knowing what’s in every chapter which can shave years off of your writing time.
We’ll send you a guided workbook ahead of time, and give you access to video tutorials to walk you through every step of creating, outlining and executing your book. During your intro call, your coach will assign you prep work to get you ready for your book outlining day.
A publishing map is your guide to executing your manuscript and getting your book out into the world. It includes your chapter titles and summaries, back cover copy, premise, author bio, as well as a marketing plan, reader description and sample chapters. This book map can function as a book proposal document –– which will be your key to securing a book contract (the traditional publishing path) if you choose to go that route. No matter what, it’s a plan to get your book written, published and in the hands of your readers.
At your wrap-up call, we’ll give you feedback on your book map and talk through your publishing options. If you decide to try traditional publishing, you’ll need an agent. You can contact our list of preferred agents and send us a final version of your book map to see if we can make any other connections. If you want to self publish, you don’t need an agent. Your next step will be to follow your book map to write the remaining chapters of your book.
It’s nearly impossible to write a book without a plan. At the end of the three month program, you’ll have your plan in place and your manuscript started, with at least two chapters written. Why don’t we have you write more? A common misconception about the publishing industry is that publishers want to see a finished manuscript. Unless you’re writing fiction, what you need is a book proposal document (our “publishing map”)—not a finished manuscript.
The “prepare to publish” part of our program is helping you create what agents really want: a book proposal document. You also need a plan. You’ll leave the program with a path forward and everything in place for you to finish your book in a matter of weeks.

We designed the two months after your book outlining day for you to complete your publishing map. You have access to your coach and receive week-by-week video guides and instructions to get you to the finish line. In a wrap-up call, your coach will assess your publishing map and give you the feedback you need to take your next publishing steps.


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