Ready to finally finish the book you’ve always wanted to write?

Prepare to Publish is a 3-month online course that helps people like you finish the book they’ve wanted to write in a fraction of the time.

We help you finish the book you’ve always wanted to write...

Create an Outline

With the right outline, you can shave years off of your writing time

Make your Map

We’ll help you create a “Publishing Map” so you always know your next right step

Finally finish the book!

Our clients tell us we shaved years off their writing time!

So many authors we work with swear they’re “not real writers.” They tell us:

  • I don’t know if my book idea is a good one.
  • What if I’m not a good writer?
  • I don’t have a “platform” or “audience” to buy my book.

Then we watch these same people write beautiful stories. Vocalizing your truth and experience makes you a writer more than perfect punctuation ever could.

How many people go a lifetime without ever sharing the lessons and stories closest to their hearts? Don’t let the frustration of the writing process prevent you from sharing your story with those you love.

“Anyone who wants to write a book,
I send them to Ally and Find Your Voice”

- Donald Miller

With access to the Prepare to Publish Online Course, you get…

  • Three months of guided coaching
  • Weekly group Q+A calls with an expert coach
  • Unlimited access to our resource library.
  • Feedback from expert writing coach and bestselling author Allison Fallon to help you avoid common mistakes.
  • 100 page workbook packed with activities that stimulate creativity—which you can revisit again and again, anytime.
  • VIP Only: Full day one-on-one support (4 / 90-min sessions) with an expert writing coach to get the guidance you need to feel confident in your idea and execute it in half of the time.

"FYV guided me from a scientist who hadn't written a word to a complete industry-level book proposal. My time with FYV didn't just change my writing life, it changed me as a human being for the better."

-Melody Miles

To make sure you finally finish your book, we give you…

A plan that works to help you execute your very best book idea.

The confidence and reassurance you need to finally finish your book!

What’s it Worth?

Even if you think, “I’m not a writer,” we can help. No more stalling or putting off the book you know you were born to write. Join us for this round of Prepare to Publish today!

  • Physical 100 Page Workbook in the mail - $1250 Value
  • Resource Kit Delivered to Your Door - $250 Value
  • Weekly group Q&A calls with a coach - $2500 Value
  • Individual review of your outline and book proposal - $500 value
  • Access to resource library, including an agent list, dozens of teaching videos, and sample book proposals - $750 value
  • Free book idea primer - $299 value
  • VIP Only: Full day one-on-one support (4 / 90-min sessions) with an expert writing coach - $5,000 value

Group or VIP — which is for me?

Don’t waste another day wishing that you had finished your book but not making any real progress toward the goal. Let us help you finally finish the book you know you need to write.


*only 20 seats available*

  • Get your specialized VIP coach
  • Finally get serious about your writing
  • Receive real-time publishing advice from experts in the industry
  • Writer's Resource Kit delivered directly to your door
  • Full day one-on-one support (4 / 90-min sessions) with an expert writing coach



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