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7 Writing Prompts to Change Your Life


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What if we told you that in just 5-20 minutes a day, you could hone a skill that is proven to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing?

So what’s this magical skill? 

It’s something we all learned to do in school.

That’s right, we’re talking about the simple act of writing.

The problem is we were never really taught how to use writing to improve our mental and emotional health. We were just trying to get a good enough grade in English. 

But there is true power in expressive writing. Those chapters were missing from our school textbooks.

Enter the Find Your Voice Beginner’s Workbook: 7 Writing Prompts to Change Your Life.

This workbook is perfect for anyone who:

  • Is new to writing and wants to give it a shot
  • Is curious if writing could help improve their emotional or mental health
  • Wants to see big changes from a small time commitment
  • Is skeptical whether writing will “work” as a tool for emotional health
  • Wants to work privately at their own pace and test this out
  • Is feeling stuck in life and unsure of how to move forward or make changes
  • Needs to make a big decision and isn’t sure what to do
  • Lacks motivation and can’t figure out why
  • Is feeling adventurous and willing to do some writing!

Even if you think you’re not a good writer.

Or it takes you weeks to respond to an email because writing feels like such a chore.

These 7 writing prompts will change the way you feel about writing and give you a new way to experience personal growth. And it’s so easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Just 5-20 minutes a day of this intentional writing can help you process whatever’s weighing on your mind and gain new clarity.

Use our workbook for one week and see if you don’t feel more grounded, mindful, and centered.

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Your Words Are Stronger Than You Think

Discover the strength in what you have to say.

Experience Personal Growth

Whether you want to turn your story into a memoir or a journal just for you, the size of your readership doesn’t matter. Just the act of writing will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your experiences.

Communicate Clearly and Confidently

Writing is how most of us share ideas, relay information, and express ourselves. Our tools can also help you write clearer emails, stronger cover letters, and even tear-jerking speeches for your sister’s wedding.

Go From Loathing Writing to Loving It

Soon after we first learn to write, we do everything we can to avoid doing it. At Find Your Voice, we help you un-learn that writing is boring, challenging, or something you’re not good at. It’s time to rediscover the joy of writing.

Learn From Someone Who’s Been Right Where You Are

I know that stuck feeling all too well.

Since quitting my job in 2010 to fully devote myself to writing, I’ve published 13 books, but it didn’t happen overnight. Whether you’re trying to finish your first book, start a blog, or develop a daily writing practice, the process can be so frustrating.

I created Find Your Voice to give everyone –– that includes you –– the confidence to overcome doubt and own your story.

— Allison Fallon, Founder of Find Your Voice

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Join These Incredible Authors

Countless storytellers and best-sellers have used Prepare to Publish to write their book.

  • Tim Arnold

    President at "Leaders for Leaders" & Author of "Power of Healthy Tension"

Before I started working with Find Your Voice, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to say in my book, but because of this process, I can now say it succinctly. That’s the work: what authors do is take something they know a lot about and distill it into something repeatable for other people, and Find Your Voice has helped me do that. If you would have asked me, ‘Tim what’s your book about?’ two months ago, I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’d have to tell you a really long story about it, and, now, I can tell you in one sentence. My literary agent saw my proposal and said, ‘This is the kind of thing I was telling you that you needed to do, this is the journey you needed to be on.' I had said from the beginning that I really wanted to enjoy this process and not hate it, and I knew that if I were trying this on my own it was going to drag on. Since working with Find Your Voice, I’ve been able to be present at home, I’ve been able to be focused at work, and I’ve also been able to make progress on my book. I’ve enjoyed the process, and it actually makes me think, ‘It is totally possible to write a book!
  • Tim Schurrer

    COO of StoryBrand

Working with Find Your Voice was a game-changer in my journey. No writer can do this work alone, and these are the best people you could EVER have in your corner. FYV guided me from a scientist who hadn't written a word to a complete industry-level book proposal. My time with FYV didn't just change my writing life, it changed me as a human being for the better.
  • Melody Miles

    Former Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation staffer, and Founder of Soulcation

Before working with Ally, I was stuck. I felt I had non-fiction book in me, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Plus, that little voice of doubt said, "Are you good enough to write a book? Will anyone want to read it?" Ally's step-by-step coaching helped me structure the book and gave me a booster shot of confidence. I soon had a book deal with a major publisher, and I'm now a published author. Thank you, Ally!
  • Connell Barrett

    Dating coach, Author of “Dating Sucks but You Don’t”

When I saw Prepare to Publish, I knew it was for me. I had a solid book idea, but needed guidance and grounding to get it somewhere solid and readable. I knew of Ally's work and trusted her. I looked at the course price as an investment into my ministry -- something I needed to ensure the message I had to share in my book was well-formed, targeted and organized. The course provided everything I needed -- plenty of time, direction and specific exercises to help me cultivate and refine my message and target reader. I made a point of staying on track with our weekly exercises and committed to never missing a group call. I knew I had to commit to the program seriously so that's what I did. At the end of the program, I had a full, solid outline, two full chapters and was well on my way to completing my book. Ally's guidance was spot on and within 6 months, I had written the majority of my book. I managed to secure a book agent, send my first draft to a group of beta readers and am currently in talks with a publishing house. I don't know where the book will go from here, but I am confident in where it stands and excited to get it out into the world. I couldn't have done this without "Prepare to Publish.”
  • Ericka Anderson

    Author of "Leaving Cloud 9"

Find Your Voice helped me, a first time Author, finally get down the story I’ve been waiting to write for so long. TheIr insight and guidance was instrumental in pulling out the thoughts and ideas that were buried within but waiting to surface to the page. My book proposal has been the beginning of getting to the truth of my story. My experience with the FYV team created a transformation in my writing and a brought wholeness to my soul.
  • Paula Lee McBride

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