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Melody Miles on leaving behind busy and creating a life you love

Melody Miles is an infectious disease expert. For years, she worked to end malaria with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She “had it all” by most standards: a meaningful career, a marriage, a mortgage. But when she had panic attack at work, it was wake-up call that she was ignoring the most important person in her life—herself. 

She turned to writing, she made some major life changes, and, most importantly, she turned towards herself for the first time. 

Melody is now a coach, writer, and leading voice on rest and self care. She’s coined the word “Soulcation”: it’s more than a vacation, it’s a way to redesign your life around rest, freedom, and joy.

If you’re exhausted, anxious, or wondering if there’s something more, if you’re scared to live the life you actually want to live, download Melody’s Soulcation blueprint:

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