Koula Callahan on the body, movement, and truth of your story

Your body might know more about you than you realize. Yoga instructor and Storybrand expert Koula Callahan describes the body as a library full of rich data on our experiences, thoughts, emotions—and the truth about our stories. This interview covers: 

  • How our body can communicate to us the truth of how we’re feeling
  • How a regular practice of movement—not even necessarily yoga—gives us an integrated and holistic way to move through the world
  • How to tap into the rich data that our body offers for the sake of our own creativity

Our favorite quote from Koula is when she says that it’s actually impossible to experience the truth of your story if you don’t incorporate the body.

IG: @koulacal
Twitter: @koulathanyou
Storybrand: storybrand.com

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