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Dr. Eric Maisel on how to know you (and your work) matter

Do you feel like you matter? Like—really matter? 

If you do feel like you matter, how do you know? 

Today’s guest is a man who argues that one way to know that we matter—really know—is to do a thing that we tell you to do all the time: it’s to write. But not just write. It’s to have a daily practice of creativity (like writing) that brings you back to this conclusion everyday: I matter. My words matter. 

Dr. Eric Maisel, the author of over 50 books, renowned coach to creatives, a columnist for Psychology Today and mental health advocate. His latest book The Power of Daily Practice teaches artists and creative people how to overcome blockages so they can finally meet their goals. 

So if you’re sure you’re an artist or a writer but you keep thinking to yourself that you don’t have the “discipline” to follow-through on your creative dreams, you aren’t going to want to miss what Eric has to share with you today. Maybe more discipline isn’t what you need at all. As for what you do need… well, let’s get into the conversation.

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