Audrey Assad: On healing, creativity, and showing up as yourself

There’s no getting around it: over time, we change. As the world shifts and as you change with it, you might find that your creativity is what grounds you to yourself and what connects you to others too.

This episode, Ally sits down with singer and songwriter Audrey Assad. She ask her about creativity as healing, her journey with writing, and her evolution as a creative person. The conversation touches on her fundamentalist background, what actually helps her write (this will surprise you), and a song that means something special to her.

What is clear from the conversation is this: creativity provides a way to be authentic to ourselves and to tap into something universal, throughout the constant change which is our lives.
And, just for Audrey, here is some restaurant white noise from YouTube.

You may recognize parts of this interview! We used pieces of this in our Power of Writing it Down series (check it out). We liked this conversation so much, we wanted to give you the full version.

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