Alex Hudgens on leaving her Hollywood dream job

Sometimes we get what we want in life … and it’s not what we imagined. 

Despite the fact that there were a lot of glamorous elements to her work in Hollywood, Alex Hudgens found herself feeling more and more distant from her true self the longer she worked in television—unsure of the difference between what she truly wanted versus what she was told she should want—until finally she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Alex is an actress, a writer, a badass business woman, an advocate for mental health, a personal coach, a former host for Access Hollywood, a two-time Emmy nominated multimedia journalist… and so much more.

Contrary to what popular opinion might suggest, Alex left behind the glamorous life in the spotlight to see if she could get back in contact with something that mattered much more to her than the success she always thought she wanted.

Since then, she’s spent the past few years taking back her voice.

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