At Find Your Voice, we know you’re the kind of person who wants to have an impact in the world. In order to do this, research shows one of the most important things you must do every day is to write—even if you never share a single word of what you’ve written.

The truth is: writing is good human instinct.

Not just any writing will do. At Find Your Voice, we incorporate the best research available, along with decades of personal and professional experience, to curate a practice of writing just for you that helps you get out of your own way and make the impact you know you’re here to make.

You have something to say. We are here to help you say it.

People who write regularly are more confident, more resilient, more likely to take leadership positions, more likely to be promoted at work, and even demonstrate higher levels of empathy.

The problem is somewhere along the way we bought into the lie that only “certain” people are allowed to be writers. We made writing a complicated and specific skill that had to be “perfect” in order to matter. We thought certain people “deserved” to write and others are better off not trying. Our process is simple.

1. Follow the prompts
2. Write for 5-40 minutes per day
3. Feel lighter, freer and like yourself again

Not sure what to write about? Join us for Monday Motivation, download our 7 Simple Writing Prompts Anyone Can Use to Get Unstuck, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook and watch how 5 minutes per day totally changes your life.

Allison Fallon is a bestselling author, public speaker, and founder of Find Your Voice—a community that supports anyone who wants to write anything. Allison has dedicated the past decade of her career to writing books, helping people write books and teaching even the most skeptical “writers” to use the Find Your Voice method as a powerful tool to generate positive change in their lives. She’s worked with leaders of multi-national corporations, stay-at-home moms, Olympic gold medalists, recovering addicts, political figures, CEO’s and even high school and college students to help them find the exact right words to say—even when they swear they’re “not real writers.”
Allison has written twelve books (and counting), coached hundreds of authors to outline their books, founded three organizations in support of authors and aspiring authors (Prodigal Magazine, Author Launch, and Find Your Voice), and backs her work with a wealth of research and personal experience. She’s walked with authors to complete projects against all odds, helped dying victims of Cancer leave a legacy for their young children, and used writing as a tool in addiction treatment settings and prisons as a way to cultivate deeper empathy, compassion and connection to the self.
Not only does an entire body of research support Allison’s work, which she shares in detail in this book, but Allison has also used writing in her personal life to re-route a dark set of circumstances toward her own victory and strength. Through the power of telling her personal story, Allison was able to leave an abusive marriage and rebuild her life from scratch. 
She is deeply passionate about sharing this powerful tool with anyone who is ready to use it.
Allison has a Bachelors in English, a Master’s Degree in teaching writing, and is a gifted writer and storyteller. Her first memoir Packing Light: Thoughts on Living Life with Less Baggage (Moody, 2013) and her latest, Indestructible: Leveraging Your Broken Heart to Become a Force of Love and Change in the World (Morgan James 2019) have resonated deeply with her engaged and passionate following.
She has lived all over the country in the past decade but now lives in Pasadena, California with her soon-to-be husband.
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