Ready to take Monday Motivation to the next level?

The simple prompts in this guide are divided into 7 categories to help you heal and make progress across all areas of your life.

- Get motivated
- Reduce anxious feelings
- Get unstuck (in a relationship, at a job you hate, with a creative project)
- Find forgiveness
- Gain confidence and clarity
- Improve your finances
- Heal from heartbreak

Research shows you can see significant improvements in your life from only about 20 minutes of writing per day.

All with a simple, daily practice of writing.

The problem is most people wonder, “what should I write about?”

We make this easy! Never wonder again. Instead, choose a prompt that’s calling to you, write for 5-20 minutes and watch as you become clearer and more level headed, discover answers to problems that have been plaguing you.

What you get with the guided, “Write Your Story, Change Your Life” resource:

5 assignments to help you reconnect with your authentic voice


A 4-day writing challenge to help you get back in the habit of writing, even when you feel stuck


Reflection questions to get you in touch with how you’re feeling about your story so you can pin down your mental blocks and how to get past them


10 extra writing prompts to keep you in the habit, even when you’re done going through the resource

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