Making a New Year’s resolution?

Join our 31-day Writing Challenge, January, 2020!

New year, new you. It’s time to kick old habits, start new ones and live into the person you want to be.

The problem is, as much as we want change in the New Year, it is so easy to slip back into old habits. We know that the stroke of midnight does not magically change us into different people—making it discouraging even to try. 

The good news is a personal practice of writing—even just for 5-20 minutes a day—is one of the best ways to support yourself as you change your life. Research shows writing, even privately writing in a journal, can work like therapy. It can improve your mood, curb anxiety, lift depression, bring clarity to big decisions and so much more. 

That’s why Find Your Voice is challenging you to 31 days of writing! We’re offering 31 simple, quick prompts, delivered right to your inbox, every day in January. Take 5-20 minutes each day to answer the easy prompt (softball questions—we promise!) and be on your way to the new you. 

Join us as we commit to writing something down every day for 31 days. We believe this practice will change you—we dare you to see what happens!
At the end of the challenge, we hope you realize you don’t have to become a different person in 2020. You just need to become more yourself. 
And be sure to check out the challenge on Instagram! We’ll be giving out a prize! @letsfindyourvoice #writingchallenge #findyourvoice
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