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Craft Your Story.

Find Your Voice is a collection of resources and professional coaching to help you own your story and accomplish your writing goals.

We help newcomers gain confidence by developing daily writing rituals. We help creatives clarify their ideas. And we support aspiring authors in their journey to getting published.

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Your Words Are Stronger Than You Think

Discover the strength in what you have to say.

Experience Personal Growth

Whether you want to turn your story into a memoir or a journal just for you, the size of your readership doesn’t matter. Just the act of writing will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your experiences.

Communicate Clearly and Confidently

Writing is how most of us share ideas, relay information, and express ourselves. Our tools can also help you write clearer emails, stronger cover letters, and even tear-jerking speeches for your sister’s wedding.

Go From Loathing Writing to Loving It

Soon after we first learn to write, we do everything we can to avoid doing it. At Find Your Voice, we help you un-learn that writing is boring, challenging, or something you’re not good at. It’s time to rediscover the joy of writing.

  • If You Want to Write a Book
  • If You Want to Write More Intentionally

If you’re anything like us, when you’re trying to work on your book a house-cleaning spree suddenly seems like a great idea. Or maybe you’re struggling to get your ideas on the page.

Whatever form your procrastination or blocks take, we want to help you regain the courage and resilience you need to put the words on the page and finish your book.


5 Simple Activities to Uncover Your Most Brilliant Book Idea

~ $199 ~

Ever wonder if you really have a “good” book idea? Or which of your ideas is the best? Maybe you have an experience you want to write about, but you’re not sure how to develop it into a book. Through these exercises, you’ll be able to move forward with clarity and confidently say, "I have a great book idea!"




~ $500 ~

Don’t waste another day wondering if you will ever finish this book. Invest in yourself and do something you can be proud of.

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It’s hard enough to come up with a clever Instagram caption, let alone finish a blog or journal for an hour. Life gets busy and it’s hard to make time to sit down and write on a regular basis.

Use our practical writing tools to gain confidence, clarity, and consistency in your craft.



~ FREE ~

You have a feeling you need to write something. But what? Feel more confident, more equipped, more prepared and more motivated than ever to stay in the fight of your creative work. Never wonder, again, if you have something to say. This workbook helps you uncover exactly what it is.



A 90 day program to help you grow through challenges by putting pen to paper.

~ $39.99 ~

Life is crazy right now. Routines are changing, the future is uncertain and even the most basic life tasks can feel overwhelming. But you’re the kind of person who takes even the most unsettling situations and uses them for good. To help you do that, we’ve created a simple and proven process you can use to leverage challenges into personal growth..

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7 writing prompts to change your life

A Beginner's Guide to the Healing Practice of Writing

~ $9.99 ~

You know you’re supposed to write but do you ever find yourself staring blankly at the blinking cursor? Never feel trapped with writer’s block again. Let us guide you with these 7 super simple prompts that are PROVEN to increase motivation, heal heartbreak, help you gain confidence, and cut through the fog of your writer’s block.

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How Do I Grow As a Writer?

The tricky thing about any creative process is that it can feel so all over the place. Whatever your writing goals are, we make it simpler to make progress.

Choose the Perfect Path for You

Explore all the ways we can help you reach your writing goals and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Get Ongoing Personal Guidance

From daily prompts to one-on-one guidance, we provide you with everything you need to grow as a writer.

Break Through Your Blocks

You can quiet the doubting voice inside your head and start enjoying the writing process.

Who Says Writing Has to Be Done Alone?

Join the 10,000+ parents, accountants, marketers, business owners, and dreamers just like you who get their weekly dose of writing inspiration delivered to their inbox every morning.

Sign up for our Writer’s Club to connect with our community and get helpful prompts to unlock your words.

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Learn From Someone Who’s Been Right Where You Are

I know that stuck feeling all too well.

Since quitting my job in 2010 to fully devote myself to writing, I’ve published 13 books, but it didn’t happen overnight. Whether you’re trying to finish your first book, start a blog, or develop a daily writing practice, the process can be so frustrating.

I created Find Your Voice to give everyone –– that includes you –– the confidence to overcome doubt and own your story.

— Allison Fallon, Founder of Find Your Voice

It’s Not Magic. But There Is Power in Writing.

We don’t have writing hacks or shortcuts. We can’t promise you that writing will always come easy. But we do believe our approach makes it more meaningful and rewarding.

Develop a Healthy Habit

We know that life is busy and full of responsibilities –– and distractions. But carving out just 20 minutes a day for four days in a row can do wonders for your mental health. Besides, that’s less time than it takes to go to the gym or watch an episode of your favorite show!

Find Meaning in Your Words

No one else has your perspective and your specific experiences. And that alone gives your words power and meaning. So it’s worth it to write even if you have an audience of one. Focus on being a storyteller rather than a bestseller.

Get Started for Free

We know that the writing process can be incredibly daunting and isolating. Join our Find Your Voice Writer’s Club for free to connect with a community and get tools to help you start growing.

Repeat After Us:
I Am a Writer

You don’t need a vintage typewriter or a cabin deep in the woods to find writing inspiration.

At Find Your Voice, we give you the guidance and tools you need to start wherever you are and write the ending you’ve always wanted to.

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